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What's the difference between medical protective clothing and other protective clothing?

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What's the difference between medical protective clothing and other protective clothing?

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1. Different functions: medical protective clothing is the medical protective articles worn by clinical medical personnel when contacting patients with Class A or infectious diseases managed according to class A infectious diseases. Isolation clothes are protective articles used by medical personnel to avoid being polluted by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances, or to protect patients from infection.


2. Different objects of use: medical protective clothing is to prevent medical staff from being infected, which belongs to one-way isolation and is mainly aimed at medical staff; The isolation clothes not only prevent the medical staff from being infected or polluted, but also prevent the patients from being infected. They belong to two-way isolation.


3. Different performance: the main difference between medical protective clothing and isolation clothing is that medical protective clothing is more durable, higher protection level and better protection performance than isolation clothing.

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