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What is usually worn in protective clothing?

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What is usually worn in protective clothing?

What is usually worn in protective clothing

Intimate clothing is convenient for work, no restraint and no burden.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, wide medical protective clothing has replaced white coats as the identification of medical staff. Wrapped in hazmat suits, they were exhausted and sweaty after long hours of work.


A front-line nurse once told the media that there are 9 steps in the process of wearing protective equipment before entering the isolation area. The whole process takes nearly 30 minutes. The layers of protection are airtight and the removal is even more cumbersome. Since the protective equipment may have been attached to the new crown virus at this time, nurses in the infectious disease department compared taking off the protective clothing to "demolition bombs", "passing four doors" and "washing hands more than ten times" before returning to the clean area.


Strict donning and doffing procedures ensure the effectiveness of protective clothing, but the inadequate size has brought a lot of inconvenience to front-line medical staff.

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